New River Fountain

2011, California
video 4:20 min.

The work New River Fountain is a video documentary about an intervention in river at the Mexican-American border. A portrait of the battered landscape around the New River. A fountain installed in the dirtiest river of North America splashes water cheerful in the air.

The New River gushes from near Cerro Prieto out of North Mexico into California┬┤s Imperial Valley. Through the city of Calexico a viscous flow of dirt carries mounds of white foam from industrial waste. Heavy metals like uranium, arsenic and mercury mix with pesticide runoff containing DDT and PCB. The poisonous waterway also holds the pathogens that causes tuberculosis, cholera and hepatitis. This toxic stream is notorious for being the most polluted body of water in North America.

Edited by Krsn/Pfadfinderei
Music Moderat