Festival de l’Union, Tambacounda

Group exhibition, screening, lectures and talks


21 – 23 February
Festival de l’Union, Tambacounda

Centre Culturel Régional


With: Leone Contini, Aliou ‚Badou‘ Diack, Binta Diaw, Saliou Diop, Thomas Dirrix, Jeewi Lee, Juan Pablo Macias, Raul Walch
With: Andreco, Julian Charriere, Kasia Fudakowski, Kahee Jeong, Mikhail Karikis, Raul Walch, Helen Zeru
Curated by Jeewi Lee and Raul Walch
Theater Forum
With: Káddu Yaraax (Dakar), Ousmane Sinaré und Sikhou Diaby (Somankidi Coura, Mali)
Both collaborations in Tambacounda and Dakar mark the provisional conclusion of the artistic research and exhibition project SEEDS FOR FUTURE MEMORIES. Voicing the two ends of migration. In 2018, thirteen artists travelled to Sinthian, Senegal and Florence, Italy to confront the contemporary realities of colonialism, and to jointly develop an aesthetic and political dialogue. Hosts and partners were Villa Romana in Florence and the Thread Residency in Sinthian. In 2019, artistic works resulting from these researches were presented in three parallel exhibitions in Berlin and at Villa Romana in Florence followed by the symposium TRANSVERSE TRAJECTORIES.


Invited by the Senegalese acitivist, rapper and artist Negga Dou Tamba five artists – Leone Contini, Binta Diaw, Jeewi Lee, Juan Pablo Macias, Raul Walch – are now contributing to the Festival de l’Union in Tambacounda, joined by guests who were part of or whose paths have crossed with the project SEEDS in the past two years. This fifth edition of the festival is dedicated to the subject of environment, its preservation and its valuation. Negga Dou Tamba initiated the festival in 2016 as a big public event to praise the heritage, the common good and the power of imagination in Southeastern Senegal. Dozens of local, regional and international performers will participate in this joyful event.