Mytilene, Mithymna, Idomeni,
Berlin, Arnsberg


The title “Azimut” comes from the Arabic word السموت/as-sumūt and can be described as “paths”. In astronomy, it is the angle between the meridian plane and vertical plane defining the height of a star. Whether interpreted as a path, as an arch or as a bridge, “Azimut” describes connections that Raul Walch introduces in the context of his exhibition at Kunstverein Arnsberg.

Raul Walch developed and tested series of “rescue kites” together with children and adults at the Greece border. His rescue kites are a type of flying lighthouses and can serve as solar reflectors, as a marker to attract attention of coast guards and be used to locate and rescue a shipwrecked person. The materials are found on site in the camps and their surroundings: the PVC of boats, tent poles, tent fabrics, and the reflectors of lifejackets. The azimut rescue kites fly with the wind, across the borders, the fences and the barbed wire, thus “Azimut” signals hope of freedom.