Future Living lab

Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin






neon_ani 2

A fictive laboratory making the disappearing of open city spaces in Berlin a subject of discussion:

The “FUTURE LIVING lab“ has been conceived as an unique participatory and sustainable inter-generational travelling temporary architecture. As a hybrid of meeting point, project space and community center it aims to invite neighbours and city dwellers for discussions and projects addressing the challenges of our common urban future on sites of visionary urbanistic projects. It was to open on Berlin‘s „Cuvrybrache“ on October 2nd 2014. Due to the unfortunate event of a fire on the „Cuvrybrache“ only days before the inauguration the lab‘s opening sadly had to be postponed. However, organic and ever changing as urban spaces are, the event has been taken as an opportunity to set-up the mobile architecture as a memorial and developing archive in front of the Theater Hebbel am Ufer.