I'm Thinking of You

  • Berlin, 2017
  • 2 flags, acrylic paint, linen, foil


The four color theorem states that only four colors are needed to color the regions of any map in order that no two bordering regions have the same color. In I’m Thinking of You organic pigments used to dye the two flags in four colors will fade and wash out from exposure to the elements. The borders between the various pigments native to Europe will become indecipherable and blend into a broad spectrum of tones.

The four words will also slowly fade and disappear in the wind. The work does not submit to an easy categorization by genre. Do these flags resemble paintings or kinetic sculptures? As colors and shapes dissolve, the flags can be seen atop the Hamburger Bahnhof during the Festival. They maintain a strong presence, free from their original intention, and in this way, the flags and their meaning are left to our perception and the wind.