Imaginary Movement

  • Berlin, 2018
  • Acud, courtyard
  • Acryl on fabric


Die Imaginäre Bewegung (trans.: The Imaginary Movement) is a political interpellation towards spectators in which utopian engaged slogans strike eyes and awake consciousness. The capitalized letters scale game make them disappear into an abstract graphic landscape, recalling the Metagraphics of the Lettrism Movement. Close to the Situationist International practice theorized by Guy Debord in the 1970’s and his concept of Psychogeography, an unplanned tour through an urban landscape directed entirely by the feelings evoked in the individual by their surroundings. Walch proposes his own interpretation of the Dérive (trans.: Drift) through an imaginary wandering inspired by Internet exploration. Through the hashtag figure, he is updating political slogans from the last fifty years through an activist drifting. Newsfeed like stripes are woven into the architecture elements. His installation could be seen as a metaphor of how citizen masses should occupy the political terrain. Besides, by extracting parts of those banners from the Acud and bringing them in the public space, the work claims more urgency to the socio-political landscape of Berlin.