Lukas Feireiss

Text by
Lukas Feireiss, Francesca Gavin, Fiona Shipwright

Design by
Korbinian Kainz, Basic09, Berlin


Release: June 2019

ISBN 978-3-7356-0610-5

21,5 × 27,5 cm

224 Pages

Language: English


It’s a great pressure to be here

Chromatic patterns woven into the urban fabric. Swollen sails gliding over water. Kites running high against blue skies and dark clouds. Contemplative panoramas, documentary observations, spontaneous sculptures and poetic ensembles. Ephemeral fountains in the cityscape. Unsettling renderings of equally utopian and dystopian magnitude.

Each of these various projects conveys just a taste of the intense and diverse artistic language of Berlin-based sculptor and conceptual artist Raul Walch presented in this book, the first comprehensive presentation of his myriad works. The publication offers a two-fold reading of his manifold and versatile artistic oeuvre and provides insight into Walch’s creative process approached from two distinctly different points of departure. While one way of reading focuses on diverse series of Walch’s textile-based works, the other presents an eclectic selection of projects ranging from sculpture, installation, photographic documentation and imagined architectural propositions.

In his site-specific interventions, Walch turns into a critical investigator, performer and activist as well. Aside from being a survey of his artistic practice, It’s a great pressure to be here is a wry comment on the globalised present, the human condition and contemporary societal issues. A topical glossary, encompassing inspirations, ideas, people and places, scholarly essays and an interview convey how artistic engagement can become instrumental in the examination and possible transformation of the given socio-political realities.

Lukas Feireiss