Ocean Nine

  • Leipzig, 2020
  • Mobile installation
  • Diverse synthetics, agrotextiles, found footage, tent poles, metal wire, ropes
  • multible pieces
  • 920 cm Ø


Contribution to the exhibition Zero Waste at the MdbK in Leipzig, Germany.


„Waste is everywhere: in the Great Pacific garbage patch, as fine particular matter in the air, or as microplastics in the food chain. The group exhibition Zero Waste showcases international positions in contemporary art that point out the urgency to save resources, consume less, and live more sustainably. In diverse installations, videos, sculptural works, and photographs the artists investigate the global consequences of plastic packaging, tire abrasion, toxic chemicals, and the overproduction of consumer goods. Zero Waste will be realized by the German Environment Agency in cooperation with the MdbK and curated by Hannah Beck-Mannagetta and Lena Fließbach.

Every day shreds from the horticultural greenhouses in southern Spain, also known as “mar de plástico”, drift into the sea – Raul Walch uses these remnants as material for his expansive kinetic objects.“