2016, New York
200 pieces at 35 x 140 cm
Fabric, buttons

On the occasion of the Global Goals World Cup a cloth was composed of 200 individual parts each of which could be used by the viewers in a variety of different ways. The piece consists of 17 unique geometric designs that interlock creating a large, abstract pattern. Chance determines how the variable shapes and colours of the cloth are assembled. As with a community, the whole is constructed out of many singular and constituent elements. For the duration of the event, the visitors are able to wear and use the scarf-like components, thereby affecting the unity and the completeness of the cloth: it slowly degrades over the course of the event as the public engages with the many individual pieces. Once the crowd leaves the arena, the textile elements are carried out into the city and then further out into the world. Through their participation in this textile sculpture, the visitors will become ambassadors of the UN Global Goals.